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It started with illegal AM radio

In my young life (12 years old) i started with a illegal broadcast on medium wave between 1.2 MHz and 1.6 MHz, later on the FM band in stereo between the 100 MHz and 108 MHz, Years after this following the 60 cm band (480 MHz) stereo WFM. After all this radio experiments it was time to get my license. In 1998 I graduated succesfuly for both licenses D and C (D license the current N license and C the current F License) on the same day.

And now after many years  

After retrieving my licenses i didn't use them for 13 Years until the end of 2011. At this moment I am transmitting on the HF band in different modus JT65 PSK RTTY and Phone.

Short general information

Name Hans, Born in 1962
My my hobbies and interests: amateur radio, fishing and sailing with my boat.
I have been an amateur radio-operator since 1998. I am living in the eastern area of The Netherlands > JO32cg.

My station

My station: Kenwood TS480 and Icom 706 MKIIG.
My antennas are at the moment: G5RV junior for 40-10 mtr and Diamond V 2000 for 70 cm 2 mtr and 6 mtr

Other information



Membership number EPC # 18733


Membership number DMC 05608



Loc JO32CG
CQ Zone 14
ITU Zone 27
QSL Via Bureau (veron)
EQSL and HDR-log.

Veron section Deventer Netherlands

PI2DEV 430.362.5 Mhz
PI1DEV (APRS Digi) 144.800 Mhz

The weekly conversation about our hobby on Sunday
11:30 AM on 145.275 Mhz
If you want to send me your QSL-card directly, then please don't send me any money, IRC or Green Stamp, Only your QSL-card and adress information.

Old used postage stamps are welcome (for XYL PA9CC)


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